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Advice would be great!

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Hey!! Im new to this so don't be too harsh on me! :D I've been wanting to print T-shirts as a business for years now (I'm 28) and this weekend I had the impulse to go out and purchase a stater kit from subliblanks that came with mug press, dino heat press, printer and so on.... Now I've barely had chance to let the order process before I've been offered the chance to print some tee's and sweatshirts for my local gym. Now I think I'm ok with printing on to common makes of tees and what transfers to use but I've hit a road block and came seem to find a good answer. The gym are asking me if I can print on triblend tees and from what Ive read they are prone to scorch marks. So my question is how can I prevent this and pass my first order with flying colours????

I'm great full for any helpful criticism/advice :)
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I would suggest trying one to check the results. Just because someone else get those results does not mean that you will.
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Welcome to the forums. I agree with ed, try a couple to see if you get the same results, the lower temperature transfers would be your best bet to try first.
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