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advice re: subli flock and printer

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hey all
just wondered if anyone has any advice
im currently using a Roland GX 24 and flock to cut out letting in 2 colours - so the letters are made of one colour and the outline round each letter is a different colour.
i am finding it extremely timeconsuming with lots of material waste and am looking into using subli flock and printing the design and then cutting it.

does anyone have any experience of using subli-flock and any thoughts on the Epson B1100 A3 inkjet printer?

thanks in advance
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Hi Bex,

I don't have any experience with subli-flock, but one solution you may look into is using the Siser brand flock. Siser 's flock can be layered, which makes two color applications much easier because you don't have to try to "fit the puzzle pieces together" like with other brands of flock. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the layered flock wasn't thick and bulky like I expected.

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