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advice on t-shirt collor selection

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Dear All,

could please give me some tips on choosing the colors and quantity of t-shirt for my first order.
I am starting my clothing line in Ukraine and will need to source the blank t-shirt from China. As the manufacturer requires minimum order quantity (let's say 5000 pieces) to process the order, I am facing the problem of color selection. Right now, I only have few designs, which I would print, availbale, but the majority will come up in the future. How would you decide which colors to chose and in which quantity?

Thank you very much in advance,
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Hello ytish -

Honestly I would definately try to find another vendor that has a smaller minimum. If you are unable to then I would probably do White, and Black for sure as the majority and from there I would choose what you like. But def black and white tees for sure as the bulk.
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I agree that black and white are the way to go. That is what I started with. I have been hearing from customers wanting more colors so if you have the ability to add a few it could not hurt. 5000 is a big minimum. Especially if you are ordering a pattern that they already have. All of our patterns are custom made to our specs and we are able to do smaller production runs. Having a good relationship with your vendor is the key. There are a lot out there so don't settle on the first one you find. Keep talking to them until you find the right one.
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Thanks guys for you advice.

OriginalShortees, are you importing from China as well? Would you advise on how you control the quality of manufactured tees? Do you have an expeditor in China? Any other must know tips?

Thanks heaps.
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