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advice on site look

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Hey all, (new guy here) ^_^

i am just getting involved with the t-shirt industry and was wondering if you could give me some feedback on this site i did.

any critique is deeply appreciated and accept (as long as its more than one word :p)

::Crown Designs:: Live

thanks all!!
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The fonts look out of focus.
To me - the man looks gay and also a bit sinister - I think it's the mix of plucked eyebrows, freshly removed make-up juxtaposed with the bright business shirt and commercial LA / Hong Kong background.
There's nothing much else to review as there are no products or links to click. I think you need to give us more of the story before we can make a judgement.
Your site loaded very slow for me. Internet explorer, windows 7 64 bit, high speed cable and a fairly new lap top. I did'nt stick around for it to load. Mike
Sorry, really not a good looking site.
Perhaps get a professional designer to make 1 for you.
Fonts on main page out of focus
Slider moving way too fast...slow it down.
The site design and the shirt layout clash. You have real photos so use those instead of those cartoony images.
Kill the background used on the real shirt images, or use a color that goes with your main theme. Your site is lavender and black, but one of the shirt background images is red, another one is green. Those colors do not work well with the overall color theme.

Just my 2 cents
Also, why are you advertising shirts that are no longer available? Move them to an archive that users can view, or remove them altogether. If i was interested in one and went to shop for it, but found only the latest two available, I'd be immediately turned off. And make your shirts buyable off the product page. I don't want to have to look at them and THEN find the buy now button and THEN find out I can't buy the shirt I want.
Why not just grab a cool website from templatemonster.com?
It does'nt look like you are taking this seriously
Slow loading for me as well. Some fonts are out of focus, and the overall "feel" of the site it off. I don't think you're the only limited edition numbered T-shirts out there - I believe others have done/do that as well.
I am afraid I have to agree with the other people who replied on top. Your site does not even feel like it is a site selling t shirts. Your site also does not give me a feeling that when I order from it that I will ever get my merchandise. This site also seems typical like one of those free templates I would have stayed away from. Have you ever tried to access your site from a mobile phone. I doubt it will work properly. Not that people order stuff using a mobile phone but they do alot of web searching with it when they are on the go. Look at other sites and take some examples from them.
Thanks a lot you guys... alas i must admit that i am real crappy at web designing, but i am trying to keep costs low.
so i will work on all of what you guys said!

will keep you updated!

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