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Advice on purchase of plotter

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Hello, i am currently seeking to purchase a vinyl plotter.
Any advice on what to look for when purchasing a unit or brand recommendations etc. would be appreciated.
Business for vinyl is growing and there is not enough time in the day to cut layer and install. Im seeking a efficient process and this seems to be the way.

The unit will be used for print and cut decals and application substrates would include corrugated plastic, glass, banner, magnetic and metal substrates.

I do not much about plotters other than they print and cut and assuming it works the same as vinyl for application, so all volunteered info is appreciated.

Budget is 12k. I went straight to epson website and was looking at 64" epson surecolor 2000 i believe it was.

I would like to do my homework before i dive head first with this much investment so i figured id come to my members :D. Cant wait to hear from all.

Thanks in advance!
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