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Advice on printing names and numbers online??

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So, a sports organization approached me with an idea for a fundraiser. They would like to have shirts printed with their logo on the front.... and then player's name and numbers on the back. These will be on t-shirts, not jerseys. The purpose is for the players to get friends and family to purchase the personalized shirts and wear them to games. Of course, a hefty portion of the funds will go back to the organization.

Here is the problem... obviously... I cannot make more than 200 screens. Currently, I only screenprint. If each kid ordered ten or more shirts each, I'd be happy to make 200 screens! But, we all know that won't happen.

I foresee a heat press purchase in my future. My question for all of you experts... what would you do in this situation? What printing method would be best for this unique job?

My target end user sale price is $20. The team wants $10 for their share. I'm not sure if that would leave me enough profit. HELP!!! Your knowledge will be truly appreciated.
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You will need a heat press.
You can order heat applied screen-printed or vinyl names and numbers transfers.

If I'm reading this right, you are selling the shirts to the team members and their friends/family
and then giving the team $10 from each sale?
If so, they are getting a great deal.
For no work and investment/risk on their end they are getting 50% (all profit).
Won't even go into additional paperwork you have to do come tax time.

Sell to the team and they can add whatever markup they want when "They" sell to
the members.

Logo tee, $10. Oh, you want a "Custom" name & number on that tee, be another $5.

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I press names and numbers for screen printers, sporting good stores and embroidery shops all the time. I also run DTG prints for them. I send screen print work and embroidery jobs back to some of these same shops.

My advice is to call around in your area. I am sure you will find a shop with a heat press that would be glad to run these for you. I am also sure if you ask the right questions you will find a shop with a heat press that would love to build a relationship with a local screen printer.

From a business end it would be easier to sell the shirts to the sports organization for $10 and let them handle the sales and distribution to the actualy buyer. If this isn't an option you will want to get a reciept for a donation to the sports organization (Hopefully they are a 501 C non profit). Sell the shirts for $20 and then at the end of the sale make a single donation to the non profit sports organization - Since you are making a donation to the organization ask about hanging a banner at their facility, getting a link or logo ad on their website or even a single email blast to thier membership announcing your donation.
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I am not sure if I understood your question correctly but you can have 1 screen for each player's name and 20 screens for 2 sets of numbers from 0-9.
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