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advice on how to print this?

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i will be printing this red photographic art on black shirts. would you white under base, then red on top of under base? or can i use 1 red screen and turn my dot gain to 30% before film output?? that way my halftones wont get too saturated with dot gain. then could i P/F/P with just red?


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Although it's possible to drop dots on top of dots--it ain't easy. Depending on the set up, it may be difficult to register on the same screen and head doing a PFP.

I'd PFP with a high opacity red--I'm a fan of Unions Maxopake series.
they actually want this instead. it will be 2 screens. 1 white, 1 grey. my question is: how do i make the grey halftone? if i made the grey halftone, isn't it based off using white to achieve the grey? how do i specify i will be using grey ink before bit mapping in Photoshop? in other words, if i halftone the grey skull, it will come out as a bunch of white dots simulating the shade of grey. how do i make the skull 100% grey (not dots of white) and maybe the background ambient stuff would be lower %'s of grey?


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If you're using a white *and* a grey screen, I wouldn't halftone either--although you could, if they want all the stuff in the back to stay blurry. You can use the color selection tool to pick the white, copy it to it's own alpha and make it a spot color--then do the same with the grey.
i think the grey has some gradients to it at least for the background stuff. how would i made it a spot color? or how would i halftone the lighter shades?
Using the color selection tool on one of the colors you make a selection of the color you want to separate, and then you copy that into a new alpha channel, which you then make into a spot color. Maybe check out the help files on alpha channels, spot channels, and color selection tool for a little more on the functional side of it.
I separated the white no problem. the background has some different shades of grey. i used the color selection to highlight all shades of grey. i pasted into new layer. i then bitmap that layer. it becomes white dots on black background. if i turn all dots to the grey color, the image becomes too dark. when i bitmap, it assumes im going to be using white ink to achieve that grey and make the dots white. how do i tell photoshop i need a bitmap that is printed with the gray color?
i can seperate the grey, but when i do, how do i halftone it for use with grey ink. NOT white ink simulating grey with white dots??
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