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I am being asked to price a large quantity of Ipad cases that require a permanent logo on the back. The case has been specified and is one manufactured with a silicone rubber back encased in a polycarbonate. The marking method has not been specified. I am a laser engraver and not a screen printer, so this is out of my realm as far as silicone ink goes.

Marking these with the laser on either the silicone or the polycarbonate is not a problem, either way. The problem is that they want this logo to be in color on a black case. It would provide a mark deep enough to fill on the silicone part. Silicone ink has to be cured at 400 degrees from 2 to 6 minutes (so I read). How would one go about curing the silicone without melting the polycarbonate. What kind of equipment would work for this. The only heating equipment I own is a Hotronix Swinger. Engraving the polycarbonate would produce a permanent mark, but to color it, it would have to be masked and painted with a plastics adhering paint. My reservation about this is the durability of the color. Regardless the mark would be forever.

Has anyone ever performed an operation of this kind? Any knowledge would be appreciated.
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