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Hello all,
I'm looking for advice on what route to take. I have been printing using a DTG M2 for two years as a nightime/ weekend operation and I am strongly considering making this a full time operation. I have enough work to keep me overwhelmed as a side operation, but I would be underwhelmed with a full time print operation. I plan on adding a Roland Versacamm and an embroidery machine as well.

My full time job (completely different from printing) is an hours commute from home in nasty traffic. It nets me 90K and I just started but that figure has the possibility of changing, either up or down. I have health insurance through my wife. My mother has roughly three weeks due to inoperable cancer and my father has indicated that he will be generoud with their inheritance so I will have a bit of a safety net, although I never like to rely upon these stats as they are completely unproven at this time.

I would like a better life and I will work my tail off for it. I currently spend little time with my family due to the printing gig and I'd like to choose one over the other. I'll take the gamble if the potential can bet me six figures through hard, dilligent work. If it does not work out, I can always return to my current occupation.

My model would be to continue with the printing as a side gig, add a friend as a salesperson ( he is retired military Colonel with TONS of contacts). I would add the necessary equipment and operate out of my house until business could justify a storefront.

Any advice would be great! Any ideas of potential revenues from anyone who has started the same way that I have would be GREATLY welcomed! Thanks and happy printing!
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