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hey guys, here is my first experience in SP.

i, due to my budget limit used window mesh. its not ideal, but i wanted to see if i am capable of doing this at all..

i am using chromaline UDC-2 dual cure phot emulsion with diazo sensitizer.

i think i never let the emulsion dry properly, hence my gooeyness when washing it off after exposure.

it came out okay i reckon, for my first time.

My artwork took ages to do. Im a noob at this.

Does anyone have any tips to get a photo to be print ready??

I battled a bit with applying ink. The first time i went over the screen 5 times, obviously came out crappy. Second time i had a clean swipe and the detail was great. I think my mesh i am using is killing my detail????

any advice and tips welcome:)

many thanks for looking! great forum this!


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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