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Hey ok I really need some advice, this is not an advert for any service of mine I just need some advice on what direction to take.

I live in Vietnam, I have had a meeting with a factory who manufactures and screen prints/embroiders t-shirts, hats, jumpers and a lot more. However I just want to focus on the t-shirts for now.

I dont really know what direction to take business wise, i can have the t-shirts custom made for very very cheap and have contacted some graphic designers to get on board as I have no photoshop/design experience at all.

Not sure if it would be more profitable long term to just have the t-shirts designed by my guy here and made here sent to the UK and marketed on ebay/online shop OR to set up the business of supplying printed/embroided t-shirts/custom made clothing via an online shop/store.

I wont say the cost of the t-shirts as i am not sure if i am allowed on the forum!

Could some of you long timers give me some advice.

I am pretty excited about getting this started and being in Vietnam manufacturing and design work is very cheap so I can certainly see this working out for me once I get a good customer base.

Thanks this forum is very useful...


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