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ADVICE: Getting my new brand into shops...

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I know there is already loads of threads about this but I wanted to personalise it a bit. I've just launched a new clothing brand here in the UK with 3 t-shirt designs.
I launched the brand with the opening of an online shop where I am selling my shirts for £17.50 free UK delivery.
I've now decided to take the route of getting my product into shops instead of 100% going it alone online. I wanted some advice about sale or return, wholesale prices and just general price for retail etc.

My costs for producing the t-shirts are as follows: (Including everything, garments, prints, custom labels, re-labelling, VAT and hang tags)

T-shirt design 1: £6.37
T-shirt design 2: £4.92
T-shirt design 3: £6.43

I'm planning to approach some small local shops that I really like, and my product should fit right into, with the 3 t-shirt designs this coming week. I've been told that for a new brand, sale or return AKA consignment is the most likely option but if anyone has anything that will help me out with the pricing etc then it would be very much appreciated.

Let me know. Thanks!!!
Take it easy.
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Hi 24266353, if that's your real name! :)

I would think sale or return would be best in the current climate and it's probably more likely that you will get space in the shops.

If you do go that route I would have the retailer sign or accept conditions that state the goods will be returned in their original state and if any are stolen/damaged they have to pay for them. Maybe give 1 or 2 for display purposes that will stay your property so you can remove/change at any time.

I would sell them SOR at a higher price as well because you are taking all the risks. I would think about £10-£12 wholesale but they would need to put more on than your £17.50, so it might be best to increase the RRP on your website so they can sell for say £20-£24. That would be the price they would pay wholesale on ordering, but sale or return I would add a few pounds to cover your risks. Don't take too many either, you don't want all your stock sat in their shops. If they are local you can call in once a week to replace the goods and collect payment.

You could also mention that you would put their details on your site as a preferred supplier of your goods and maybe get a window sticker done for the shop. Free advertising.

Hope it goes well. Where in the Uk are you?

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Nice one man. Thank you very much, a lot of good info and that's helped out quite a bit. It's always good to hear stuff from people who are on the same wavelength, you know.

I'm down here in Plymouth. You in the UK?

My plan is to approach maybe 2 shops in Plymouth and then email a few online shops that I know, one is run from Plymouth, they used to have a shop but they closed so they are just online now. And then expand to south-west then further afield etc etc. I may even end up closing my own online shop and then just run the brand through stockists, if it all works out. What you think? Cus it's a lot of work doing everything to get the product made aswell as all the online sales and P&P etc.

Thanks again. Much appreciated.
Good info there as I'm planning on doing something similar in Manchester with a couple of shops. It was mentioned about getting the shop to sign some form of contract: is there a "general" one available though, rather than going through a solicitor and all that expensive stuff?!
I think you need more of an written agreement than a formal contract, it will be hard enough to get some shops to take you on.

I'm with you 24266353 on the sales side. I would rather design and make, then sell to shops, than sell myself online. I would have a showcase site with stockists but no sales. (I'm in Oldham, Manchester)

Contact reemclothing and mainlinemenswear or even asos and see what they say. They usually want a linsheet or leaflet in PDF sent to them, they would then contact you and probably want samples etc.

Hey just an update. I've now got my clothes into 2 local shops. Both are retailing my shirts at £20.00 and we are doing it on a Sale Or Return basis at 50/50% so £10.00 each. What do you think?? It's a bit of a compromise for me cus I'm not raking in loads of profit from that, like £4-£5 per tee sold but it's getting the brand out there more and raises awareness, you know. This is a tricky industry for sure. I need to get me a part time job! Haha, plus we're in a reccession almost so retail is not good times! or anything for that matter but hey, just living the dream! Trying to make it to the top. I love it though.

Any thoughts? Thank you, much appreciated.
Take care.

Hey well done! Yes, retail is more difficult at the moment: not that it's ever been easy :)
Its must be a great feeling to see your product appear in a shop for the first time, and also to see how sales pan out. I thought of doing a market stall in Albert Square over Xmas, but then I realised I was trying everything to sell the tshirts, and not concentrating on one method and doing it 100%.
Let us know how your new venture in the shopping world goes, though!
Well done and keep at it.
this thread had some great info, thanks guys
if you want to sell to other stores, then your wholesale price should be about 2.5 times your actual cost and then for retail it should be double your wholesale.

good luck with your business!
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