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Advice for 1 year old clothing line

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Hello all, I've been following this forum in the shadows for some time and decided to finally post and get some opinions and/or best practices. I currently run my own line out of Tampa, FL called Ides of March (Ides of March Clothing). It is a streetwear line I started around a year ago, and I have made some great strides in that time. I spent the last year beefing up our social media (instagram and facebook primarily) as well as networking, going to events etc. The brand has a strong following on instagram (@iomxv) about 3300 followers, about 220 on twitter and have even made huge connections luckily, getting a couple hip-hop stars to wear our stuff.

All this aside, I still struggle with conversions. My site is run through Big Cartel so I can see how many visitors our website gets per day (on average 150) and days can come and go with no customers. I wanted to see if anyone out there had any advice or can share any of their best practices in terms of boosting their conversion rate? I strongly stand behind my brand and believe we have solid designs as well as a clean interface to greet customers. Help!

(any feedback or opinions on the line are welcome as well!) Thanks!
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The 1st thing you must do is add more products. I saw 2 pages for an entire store. With so few selections, you can't expect a bundle of sales. To increase sales you'll have to come up with designs that will appeal to the masses rather than only a specific demographic. I have a store with a fulfillment company called ZAZZLE. My products aren't geared to the masses either but I have a major selection to choose from. Something for everyone. In this case, the more the better. Imagine yourself as the shopper coming to your site. With so little to choose from, how long would you stay there if you saw a few designs on a few products? I hope this doesn't seem harsh. It's not meant to be.
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The issue with adding more product (for a small startup like me) is capital. I currently have 26 different items to choose from on the site. I personally believe thats pretty good being only 1 year old and funding everything myself. I was moreso wondering if there were any promotional tactics or anything of the sort I may not have been taking advantage of. And no it wasn't harsh, I appreciate the constructive feedback!
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