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I put this in the MS Brand Thread and maybe should have put here in the dtg general thread, any advice or suggestions welcome:

Hi, I was turned on to MS by a tech that services brothers and has done some work on MS printers. He had very good things to say. I was going to buy a Viper(swf) and a 12 head embroidery machine but have since changed my whole set up and thought process. I broker about 120-150 k a year now. I bought and have being installed tomorrow a new brother gt-541 and a roland versacamm sp 300( for transfers and vehicle graphics. I got my samples in from MS for the MS-One and I have got to say I was shocked and impressed with the quality. On my 5th or 6th wash and dry and they look as good as when they arrived. I have already had many calls and needs for dark tee printing and the day my brother is installed I have a 350 tee order ready to print. I am now planning on diving in with both feet and getting the ms-one and having it installed in next few weeks.

I have been real happy with my rep and the support staff at ms so far but I am a prospect not a customer yet. Everyone but 1 person has had very good things to say about the ms brand. I broker enough work now that I can run the machine daily for the work I send out and I think I will have jobs every day to print on the unit which I hear is important, running them more seems to be the best thing you can do to avoid problems.

Are there any ms-one owners out there who wished they would have bought a different machine and if so why?

Is there anything i should look out for or be aware of before signing this paper work? I am planning on taking the money i saved on the brother with the 0% finance offer and the fact that I bought a used tajima embroidery machine, that now has me under my original budget so I am taking the money i saved and spending it on a pre treat machine.

As i see it I have covered all my bases, I got a versacamm sp 300, a gt-541 new and now a new ms-one and a pretreat machine for a hair less then I was going to spend with a new viper printer and 12 thread single head. I feel like I am ready to tackle just about any job that comes my way and can now do vehicle graphics and contour cut transfers as well light and dark tees, lights on the 541 and darks on the ms-one.

Am I missing something? Is there something else I should be getting to make this shop ready to battle or have I covered all my bases. I think I am coming out of the gate with a strong line up and some serious fire power in terms of equipment.

I have 2 existing customers that if I run in house daily I can get a 12 month roi on the ms-one, while my screen printer who I send all my work to may not be happy but now I can run inventory for my web stores every day if I have no other work and I think putting 10-20 shirts a day thru the machine should keep it happy and inks flowing. It also appears that my ink costs to do these shirts is much less than I am paying for screen printing currently. It looks like a win-win for me but i could be wrong, it would not be the first time I was wrong.

Is there any advice anyone has to offer or is there something else I should be looking at before I sign this agreement? I want to charge into this full steam ahead as opposed to crawling in and working my way up and I think with all this firepower the only thing left for me to do is to go out and sell my new offerings.

I am a full service paper printer who has been brokering tees and embroidery for 8 years and I think if i cannabilize the outsource work I do now I can have both units paid for in 10-14 months.

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions on the ms-brand in particular and if there are any things I should be careful about or that I may have overlooked in my acquisition of the above mentioned equipment. From what I have learned from these forums I think I have everything I need to do large scale production and short runs and I can print or contour cut transfers if needed as well as do the dtg and short run embroidery.

Any advice, good or bad and any words of wisdom is appreciated.

Thanks everyone, this place has been a dream come true for me and I appreciate all you folks who post and share and help newbies like me out. I guess after these all get installed I will be posting everyday as I run into all the new problems and joys that this market has to offer.

Take Care and thank you in advance for any thoughts or feedback you can share. The brother is a done deal as is the versacamm, training starts at 8.00 am tomorrow. The ms-one is the next piece of the puzzle and I am looking at about 10 days before that arrives.

Thanks Again for taking the time to read and reply to this post.Sorry for double posting but I thought this was better to be in general dtg instead of ms thread.
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