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alright, first off heres one of my vids
"i realize its lame, but it represents my best shirts"


now here's my guide on how to advertise using videos!
This is my favorite type of advertising since its fun to do... and a good way to get hits/sales!

Alright... assuming that you already have a shop... designs in your shop... or separate sections in your shop I'm going to go about this guide.

Here we go:

step 1: press start, on your toolbar

step 2: all programs

step 3: windows movie maker
now... where you can have fun making your movies

step 4: look to the left of windows movie maker somewhere it says upload pictures... click this

step 5: what you want to do is upload all the pictures that you want to be in your video/slideshow

step 6: after you upload your pictures you can start building the video with them

step 6(cont.): drag your picture clips onto the storyboard located at the bottom of the window
(remember also that on the left you have the option to make titles and credits)

step 7: once you have your picture clips, titles and credits on the storyboard play your video... make sure you like the way the clips play, and how long the clips show for
(to shorten clips just click on the right side of one of them and drag it to the left... thus shortening it in length)

step 8: adding sound
*I'd tell you how to do it using limewire but... you know, its limewire, and you shouldn't be using it ***

-so... download itunes for free from http://itunes.com

-somehow get music into itunes
(cds, buying them from the itunes music store, etc...)

-once you have songs in there and you know of one you'd like to put into your advertising video, click on it and then press *control + C*
(assuming that you know to just press ctrl C and not the + sign)

- go back to windows movie maker
and on the left click on... upload audio/music files

-paste (ctrl v) the music file that you copied from itunes into the thing that pops up, and then choose that file...

-walah... the music is uploaded and now you just have to add it to your movie

-drag the music file, down to where your pictures/clips are... and it will tell you that it needs to change to timeline (press ok)

-(then you can adjust your music and move it around play around with effects... *fade in *fade out

then... (you can just play around with the thing to find out how to add special effects to your pictures and stuff)

-step 9:
go up and click on file-
-then save your project (so you can edit it later on if you want)

-and then... to make your movie viewable, or so you could upload it to youtube or ifilm
click file
and *save as movie file*

-click on save to my computer and just wait for your movie to be saved... *takes a while*

-step 10: uploading
after your movie is done saving, go to http://youtube.com and/or http://ifilm.com
and upload your video there, so people could watch the video

-step 11: promoting the vid
you could just let the movie sit there and hope that people will watch it, but its probably better if you go and post about your video on forums... send out newsletters, links on different sites, and etc...

this way, you could be promoting a fun video, instead of *looking like an idiot just trying to get people to buy your stuff

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sgoach said:
nice... thanks for using the guide :D lol

don't quite understand why you put pictures of car accidents in there though, but what the hell... mines odd to :D
There is no relationship between the accidents and my shirts aside from the fact that I took those pictures. I am going to make a second one with more accident photos and then go from there.........it is just something new and different, even exciting. Thanks again!

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We kinda did our own thing too. Been getting a huge response for it so far because it's all over facebook, myspace and our site. Not many people find it directly through just youtube though.
Youtube is a great way of advertising your product. be sure you use key words in your discription. my 25 videos have passed 130,000 views and I have sold a lot from them. Lou

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This is good. Some of us already tapped into that market. I've got some traffic from that effort. So I know it works. Glad to see that someone has posted it here. I never thought of doing that, but then again, I do more reading here and not posting.
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