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Advertising w/Roadside Signs?

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Hi, all-

Just wondering if anyone here has ever tried putting up a roadside sign to promote your business?

I'm not thinking so much of small signs that you might attach to a telephone pole (which I know is nominally illegal here), but a large sign, perhaps 8' x 12', mounted on 4x4 posts that you would put on someone's property.

Years ago I knew someone who sold these types of signs. She would get the property owner's permission, get them to sign a contract, and they would be paid, yearly I think, to have the sign on their property.

Has anyone here ever done that? I'm wondering about:

1. The cost to do this...how much money is a person likely to want?

2. Are permits typically required?

3. Anything else?

Thanks for any input you might have!

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Depending on your offer and the location, I think those type of signs could be effective.

I know I've noticed a few when I was driving in rural areas.

I'm not sure about the costs though. I don't think there would be a set price since the factors are different (location, person, duration, sign size, etc)
look up sign companies in the yellow pages in your area. Get quotes and they can tell you all the legal issues you will need to be concerned about.

good luck!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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