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You are welcome to submit a free listing at Buy-Tees. Granted it is very CafePress heavy, but that is because it started out as a CafePress marketplace. Since then it allows direct feeds from larger companies (on request) and listings for independent t-shirt vendors.

The best free advertising (online) lies in the search engine. Google, msn, and Yahoo. Get yourself listed well in those and you will get multiple sales everyday. The majority of sales I make are from search engines, some come via directories I'm in like t-shirtlinks, t-shirt-directory and buy-tees. Other than that, PPC works extremely well for me, and if you look at it one way that is free traffic if you are still making a profit.

Hey Twinge you have certainly leaped ahead of me in the post count ;) I've been away a couple of weeks and have loads to catch up on!
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