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bluefishtees said:
I recently made a deal with the local Quizno's sub shop owner. We print 3x4 flyers with my tshirt ad on one side and a Quiznos coupon on the other. We are splitting the cost 50/50. M13Graphics.com prints them for us for $100 per 2500 batch. We hand them out everywhere, concerts, parks, and every store in Atlanta has a stack of them on their counter. People hang onto them instead of throwing them to the ground because they want to keep the sandwich coupon...then they visit our site later. We see a lot of our sales from the local Atlanta, GA area...and we are sure its from the flyers. My back pocket is always full of flyers and everyone I meet gets one. Find someone to split the cost with you and its not that expensive.

Froogle is awesome too...make sure you list on Froogle.
That is a very smart idea. Good marketing
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