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even if you had money to spend, I wouldn't spend any money on advertising. What you need to do is totally free...First, youll need to focus on a few key words. Repeat key words that you think people who will like your website would be searching for about 8-10 times on your home page. I would focus on about 5 or 6 main key word phrases. Then, you should exchange links with as many people as possible...preferably people who have sites with your key word phrases, and preferably people who have a high google page rank already, but any link exchange is good. The third thing you should do is put your link in dmoz, which will provide you with tons of traffic once you get in. The fourth thing you should do is put your products in froogle. This should produce a good number of hits as well. I would also put your shirts on ebay, and put a link to your website from the ebay auction.
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