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Advertisements requests for my online store: how to rate?

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Hi to everybody!
I need some help...I have been asked for
purchasing a text-based advertisement on my site for an year.

The site it's my t-shirts site http://www.musicandsons.itwith a static part and an online store one.
Do you have some experience in rating/quoting an advertising on your web site?
I know it depends on your site page rank and number of visitors, if image banner or text based, positioning...but I have no idea from which price to start.

Or if you know some guide-lines I can read...

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This might be a good guideline to start with:
How to Set the Right Ad-space Price for your Blog?TopTut.com - Top Tutorials: Bloggers and Designers tips, Wordpress themes, Free downloads

Although I don't know that I'd recommend selling advertising on an "ecommerce" site that's trying to sell products directly to the consumer. I know amazon does it, but as a whole, I don't think it's a good idea to direct your customers elsewhere
Thank you Rodney!
I know what you mean...
But since I need a way to support my business, it could be better selecting the advertising links to add than adding for example google adwords adsense...
I will read the link you sent and clear my mind...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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