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Advantage Direct Printer

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Does anyone out there have a Direct Advantage from Sawgrass that is making any money????? Mine is not. People do not like the look, or colors. Anyone out there having the same trouble???:(
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Hi Jeannie
I do not have the advantage but I do have a Brother and just got an anajet. What do people not like about the look or color? I have never had that problem. On the advantage do you have to pretreat the white shirts as well as the colored ones? is it the darks shirts they do not like or even the light colors?

Have you contacted Sawgrass about your color challenges? I am only slightly familiar with the CMYK only driver. You might want to try and print from a different application (i.e. Corel to Photoshop) to see if the colors look better. Odds are there is a setting in the graphic software or printing software that if changed, will improve your color.

Are you running the new RIP software? I ask because the shirts that were sent to me from Sawgrass done with the white ink looked pretty good to me. Here is a link to the post with the pictures - http://www.t-shirtforums.com/direct-garment-dtg-inkjet-printing/t59095.html. I just spent the entire day at the RIP manufacturer's office and saw some of the samples they had. I can tell you that the color gamut of the Sawgrass ink is one of the largest when using the correct settings in your graphic software and using the RIP.

Ultimately, there is hope for getting great colors. You just need to figure out some settings. Give Sawgrass a call. Best wishes.

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Does anyone out there have a Direct Advantage from Sawgrass that is making any money????? Mine is not. People do not like the look, or colors. Anyone out there having the same trouble???:(
what's your biz model?

whole sell ? mass production?

Thank you all for your help. I will call Sawgrass and see if they can help with the color. This group is WONDERFUL! Thank you all so much.
How is your shirts holding up with washing?
I have had a direct advantage for a year.....sometimes the ink washes out, sometimes it good.
Hi Tweat,
I've done at least a thousand shirts or more with the sawgrass and haven't had any problems. Digital Art Solutions and Great Dane Graphics have put together some good artwork to use for all DTG printers. They use corel 8 cv colors and if you print a test of all the colors on white t-shirts to use you'll be able to get the results you are looking for. Some jobs go to the the screen printer and some go to the DTG but the costomer gets to see samples of both processes and makes the decision. Talk to Mike in sales at Digital Arts Solution and he will be able to help you. Good Luck, Rick
I know this thread is old but I would like to see if anything has changed. A friend of mine bought a DA about 3 yeas ago and has had nothing but problems with it. Some of those are due in part that she knows nothing about graphics and how to create them. However she is the bomb when it comes to embroidery and runs a very successfull business doing that. I've been a graphic designer for 16 years and thru a mutual customer we met 2 years ago. At the time where I was working we had the Brother GT-541 that I thought was the bomb and that was when she asked if I could help her out and get her's running since I knew terminology etc... We did some trade work and after 2 days on and off the phone with Sawgrass it was printing like the Brother. Finally she could make some money off it.

MAny shirts and items have been printed on it without problem before and after this issue I'm about to tell you. Last year I designed a new logo for the city parks department and they approved $3200 in shirts, sweat shirts and hoodies (gilden's). We bought extra ink which we did eventually get into on the run. Things were printed and delivered to the parks dept. Within a week I got a call from them saying the images were washing out on some of the stuff. Sure enough I went to see them and what was once a clear crisp image looked like watercolor paintings. My heart sank, I called Sawgrass and emailed them and my responses were various but it all came back that really I must not of had heat settings or time set right. According to the manuals all heat and times were right. The only thing that changed during that run was new cartridges of ink were added. We ate 1/2 the order.

What I want to ask is have any of you run into this since say April last year? Yes things have been printed since like I said. I've used the Gilden shirts on the Brother with no problems and find it hard that there could of been a problem with them since the issue was across the board ****s/ sweat shirts & hoodies. There was 3 locations we were printing so I did one location on all then switched to the next and did them all and so on.

Now this good friend is asking me to take her machine to my home as a second location to her business 40 miles away where I have more population to offer it to and we both make money. I don't want to have this issue again EVER for either of us. I know it's a no no but should I lightly shake a new cartridge? Should I just suck it up and print & wash a test sample? I'm open for sugestions. I really want to make this work for both of us. Thanks in advance for any imput you all might have.

TopsyqreT Dezigns/Carol
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