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What is the time frame for this prospective job and how much time will you have to get comfortable?

Admittedly having no experience with printing such an image, you should be applauded for your confidence especially for learning as you go on a potential pay job.

You've been given good advice some of which is pretty definitive but actually quite relative such as what's "best". 305 mesh for process is usually the default suggestion. 280 will work but so will 200 for example. One issue with higher mesh counts (the notion to get "greater detail") is that if you press harder to get adequate coverage, you may lose detail from the inherent dot gain. Contrary to some assumptions, the goal is to use as coarse a line count as possible and still get a good looking image, color/gray-dark area balance and consistency from print to print. There are color gamut limitations with process that are oft times compensated for by printing additional spot colors and whites. And even on white, sometimes a white underbase is used to optimize the results. Index separations are a very viable option and would somewhat address issues such as print-to-print consistency and overall image accuracy. If you've got the option of producing actual print samples for review try both and maybe Simulated.

And you might consider jobbing out the separations. If so find someone with a good solid knowledge of and background in screen printing. Remember though that the final end result will only be as good as the printers skills and abilities.

And either way be clear with the client on what they expect. I've seen some jobs accepted and passable because the shirts were giveaways for volunteers and promotion. And there are folk who are very critical and demanding.

Post what works out and some print pics and good luck.
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