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Advance Screen Technologies and Vastex are awesome

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I feel the need to give a BIG thanks to Rebeka Sadow and everyone @ Advanced Screen Technologies & Vastex International.

I recently purchased a Vastex 18 x 18 F Flash from advanced screen supplies.com, when I ordered it they called to explain they were out of stock and it would be drop shipped directly from Vastex, not a problem, I was surprised they even called to tell me that, most places would have just let it slide.

well it showed up at lunch a few days later so I was excited to open it up and put it together as I had a very large 4 color front & back job to get out by the same weekend, box appeared to be in fine shape but when I opened it the foam inside was all busted up and the thermostat control knob was missing and the shaft for the switch was pushed inside the unit.

I picked up the phone and gave Vastex a call, they said I needed to call AST since they sold it to me and start the claim process, so I did.

Called AST and was transfered to Rebecka to whom I told my story of dread & woe, she was very apologetic and said she would take care of it ASAP.

I was in such a desperate need of the drier I offered to pay for the part if they would overnight it to me, I couldnt wait for a exchange unit as I had shirts to print and deliver, she put me on hold for about 2 min to call vastex and when she came back she said a replacement part was being overnighted to me at no charge.

usually overnight means a couple of days for some reason but low and behold at lunch the very next day was a small package from vastex on my porch.

Installed the part in about 4 min and the flash was up and running like a champ, THANK YOU REBECKA and everyone @ AST & Vastex, you guys are #1 in customer service in my book.

on top of all that I got a follow up email from Rebecka stating that her boss was willing to send me a new undamaged unit to replace the damaged one I received initally, frankly I was shocked and I declined as there was no need for an exchange as this unit functions perfectly now, and they went the extra mile and made sure I had the parts in record time.

to sum this up, Advance Screen Technologies and Vastex have made a new lifetime customer out of me, give them a try if you havent allready, they are tops in my book
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I remember talking to you on the phone and it's great that everything got taken care of. We're very fortunate to have dealers that care about customer service as much as we do. I'm sorry you had that issue to begin with but we're glad everything got squared away and you're back up and running.
It was handled well above my expectations, the flash is also above my expectations, looks very well built and works wonderfully, heats evenly and has a thermostat, I paid less for this one than I did for a lessor coil type I bought when I first started.
thanks also to your shipping dept. for getting the part out so fast
I was also very pleased with Advanced Screen technologies (advancedscreenprintsupply.com) with my phone order on a Vastex dryer. I got a confirmation email on the progress of my order right away. I do recommend them, they have good prices, too.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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