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That is a pretty good visual example, but can Vector Magic be ajusted for looser or tighter tolerence? Streamline allowes for several different factors to be manulipated. Such as Outline, Centerline, Line Recognition. You can also suppress noise, ajust for straight, curved or Straight and curved lines, and a lot more. Streamline has been a very handy little addition to Illustrator over the years.
But if i was going to use the coke logo from scratch i'm use example #2 and just draw it with the pen tool.
It probably took you less then 10 minutes to do that.
I'd be curious to see Vector Magic in action.

hi dragonfly,

i tried vector magic and it sucked! for me anyways. worse $6.95 or something like that a month i believe. it has been awhile. i was just getting into design and i would have jpeg logos and images for t-shirts and i needed them vectorized. the output was always junky for me no matter the settings i used. very, very amateur results at best. i remember there were options of other formats and greater dpi and stuff, junk.

since then i bought adobe illustator and i do it all myself by manual trace, auto trace or original vector designs.

don't waste your time.
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