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Adobe Creative Cloud?

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What do you all think of this? When I first read about it, before it was called Creative Cloud, it wasn't really very appealing to me. Now I'm feeling a little differently about it. $49.00 a month with a 1 year commitment. I like that it allows access to both PC and Mac versions since every single day I work with Adobe software on both a Mac and a PC. I never liked the idea of having to buy them separately.

The price is not bad. I spent about $1800.00 for Creative Suite and to stay current, I need to spend $600.00 a year. That's the same cost as the Creative Cloud membership. Whether or not it's vitally important for people to stay absolutely current is a question that needs to be considered though.

Creative Cloud membership allows access to all of Adobe software so I would be exposed to software that I would otherwise not even look at. That's a big plus. If I find something that works for me, I can use it without spending extra money.

A part of me simply doesn't like the idea of renting software and never owning it, but it's really not different than renting office space. You use it as long as it's worth it for you to do so.

OK that's it, I'm in. LOL I just convinced myself.

By the way, cool new features are coming to Illustrator. The ability to add flexible gradients to strokes is one new feature. And a new way of making patterns that allows you to see it as you build it will making pattern-making a lot easier. I'm looking forward to what's next.
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Are you using it now? I'd be interested to hear users feedback. My single biggest compaint with Adobe has been the cost to maintain CS. I know they are also changing the upgrade pricing for CS but eliminating any version skipping. $49 a month sounds like a bargain.

And has anyone experienced Adobe's Business Catalyst?
I think there's also an introductory price of $29 a month if you're a current Adobe ID holder as well. I'm still on the fence if I'll buy the complete package outright vs. subscription model.
If you don't need to keep current with the latest versions, then you can make due with a old package for many years. I'm sure I could easily use CS3 for many more years to come, at least on a PC. On a Mac, there are serious compatibility problems. CS6 for example is incompatible with Leopard, while some of the devices in my shop are incompatible with Lion. If I upgrade to lion, I'll have to buy new equipment. If I stay with Leopard, I'll have to stay using old software. Thankfully I'm mainly PC based for my personal use. Windows is makes compatibility a main feature. Apple couldn't care less if you have to buy more printers and scanners.
Of course with the hard push for Windows and hardware manufacturers to go 64 bit, printer/scanner/fax/camera/POS interface/card scanner/webcam/whatever programmers still tend to make 64-bit drivers that "work", where "work" generally means "it sort-of-kind-of-works but you can't monitor ink levels, change settings, or basically do anything that requires computer-side interaction". I guess that's still better than not being able to use it at all.
i've been using an old g5 ppc for about 10 years now with cs3 and have no problems doing every day tasks that i need done. heck i even have an old g4 running classic just because there are software titles either no longer available or supported on mac osx leopard.

i've got a feeling that companies like apple and even other electronic devices that people have spent ten of thousands of dollars on over the years are starting to become obsolete and the companies themselves are putting the pschological squeeze on all of us to get the next best thing. how much a regular cell phone (not a smart phone) will no longer be offered in the coming years?

until i find it totally necessary to upgrade they kiss my batooty.
Revisiting this older thread instead of starting a new one.

We have the subscription as well. Having access to Adobe's other applications as well has been invaluable. I'm learning new programs that I never had access to before. We had the Creative Suite, but with the subscription, we get everything! Very much worth it!
Big fan of it - been using it since it started. Loved the illi 64bit upgrade, which I got instantly

Have not been using the cloud space, though, which is something I should start to utililse, I guess.

I had already played with Muse when it was in beta and had a little play with indesign, but have not really used any of the other programs in the suite, other than illi and the occasional photoshop

As a new business, my only fear was that if funds were low, I may miss a payment and loose my access to my design problems. I now have a retail copy of CS5 for my cutter, though, so don't need to worry about that any more. Plus the fact that is looks like the business pulled through the really tough times, (thank goodness) :)
Same here, been a user since it came out last year and loving it. Especially because I also use programs like After Effects, Audition, and Flash Builder now for working on programming. EDIT -- also Adobe Indesign, Acrobat, Bridge, Lightroom, Camera Raw etc etc... getting Adobe Photoshop Extended means you get all the 3d stuff too.. very powerful...

One of the best things recently to arrive is the "Cloud Desktop" connection you guys really gotta try it out. Instead of having to go through the website connection you can now have a CreativeCloud drive/folder on your desktop/computer and then you can save files directly to folders on the cloud.

What this does is take full advantage of smart-live-proofing of jobs.

I need to make some time to do more Adobe videos and show how this works... Basically you could have an art file that is fully editable (maybe a PSD with layers on a Comp of a shirt but maybe also some Vector/Illustrator smart-objects for text etc..) - then save that file into the cloud-drive location and it will automatically update into the cloud -- then you can send the link to your client or just let them know to check the new proof -- with Creative Cloud viewing then a customer can actually see the real PSD art and you can even let them turn layers on and off -- maybe art variations that way?? lots of cool ways to streamline the art & Proofing process instead of all the JPG/PDF/ emailing back and forth stuff... they can just leave comments on the proof on Creative Cloud.

Oh well, just thinking out loud again, but I love cloud and although I have had a few issues they were only my own fault. (moved to a different state, changed address on my check/credit card, forgot to update my info on Adobe ID and it didn't run the payment one month because the zip code didn't match up but it was my fault for changing my address on the card but not updating Adobe's payment info for me.)

When it first came out, the creative-cloud desktop connection was not available, but now that they have it, you really can do some interesting and useful things like I mentioned above.

Storing all your proofs and jobs for a client on the Creative-Cloud-Desktop folder means you have a backup on your computer and online with 1 file - also you can then keep all the proofs and art as the same file... even ways to keep seps included as hidden layers.

Is anyone else crazy like me and doing things like that?
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Looks like I'll be downloading Creative-Cloud-Desktop!
Looks like I'll be downloading Creative-Cloud-Desktop!
The process used to be a pain when I wanted to upload files to the folders on my Creative cloud, but after installing the app/service called "Creative Cloud Connection preview" then its an icon in your system tray that gives you quick links to the website or the desktop files folder. Don't forget you can also get a month free if you purchase the few touch-apps they have, which I have found very cool and useful on the ipad -- Photoshop Touch, Adobe Ideas (Illustrator/vector touch), Adobe Collage, and also you get access to your files with a Cloud App too.

But the bottom line is finding practical and useful ways to take advantage of all this connectivity. I think live-smart-proof/art/seps files is a neat way to save time and effort with repetitive tasks - instead of e-mailing back and forth multiple times just have one file online - share it to the client and allow comments, then both of you can comment and edit one evolving proof until its approved. And then you have a record of all the notes and comments in one place as well.

Does it make sense? I've tested it out and it works, what is exciting to me is that this now takes the idea of "smart objects" and it brings it into having "smart files". With a smart-object you make edits and save it and it updates into the parent document, so now with files that are saved in the cloud-connection-folder on your own computer - they are live-linked and updated to the cloud versions and therefore your client's proof gets automatically updated when you save.

I think it opens up all sorts of new potentials.

It also looks like Creative Cloud TEAM is now available? Currently if you have the regular Creative Cloud subscription you can actually legally and rightfully install any of the software apps on TWO COMPUTERS -- in fact you can even install the apps on more than two computers but if you try to sign in on the third computer it will disable the activation on one of the others. -- you can only have two activated copies of the software running at a time.

But TEAM is meant for those with 3 or more active users at a time, it probably is more expensive than the regular subscription but it has to be a deal compared to the old corporate license fee structures. Anyone using Creative Cloud TEAM?
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Didn't know about cloud desktop option - having to sign in was the main reason for not using cloud.

Thanks for the info!
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