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Adhesive Square around Design

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Hey Guys:

My best friend and I recently bought a "starter kit" from heat press nation and we tried it out for the first time yesterday using an Epson Workforce 60 printer the actual artwork came out great but when we peeled back the transfer paper there was a thin white adhesive square around the design.. can anybody tell me what this is from? did we peel the transfer off too quickly ? is it the paper we are using?

thank you for any help
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Which transfer paper was it? There will always be a "window" around your design unless you use a cutter to contour cut out the printed area and get rid of the unprinted area. A lot of people only bother doing this with transfers for dark shirts (since the transfer will be a white rectangle otherwise) but you can do it with light transfers too to completely get rid of the "window". Some are worse than others, however, JPSS is generally the most highly rated one for durability and "feel".
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