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Additional printing on online ordered mugs

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I have some mugs that I ordered with a design printed on one side of them, dye sublimation printing. One of my customers has asked if I could print their logo on the other side. Does anyone know if I could print the logo on the back side of some of my existing inventory or will I need to order all new cups?

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Yes, you can. I've added to several, myself. My tip to you is, position the logo on the correct side of the paper (far left or far right) and use the FULL length of the paper (to the handle on both sides) and tape as usual. That way you have the blank side of the paper covering the existing image. Then cover it with your normal cover sheet/paper and press. You may lose a little bit of color from the existing image but shouldn't be much. Mine didn't lose much at all.
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So you're using the whole paper to keep the coating uniform right WZ?
I'm tired of sublimation so I bought a cheaper Laser Printer to practice with. Haven't done it yet. Still deciding whether I want to do that at all.
So you're using the whole paper to keep the coating uniform right WZ?
Correct. Because if you just cut a square with the logo and try to tape the edge, that'll be around the center of the mug, it may create an indention or mark in the coating. Plus, you want that protection from the outgassing of the current image.
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