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So, I've been doing this business for about a year and it's currently a side income that I enjoy and NOT looking for it to replace my "real job."

I just sold my OKIC711WT laser printer which did an amazing job making white images for heat transfers. That said, for the cost of the printer, transfer sheets, etc, it just was not that cost effective for me.

I'm looking for a way to generate small, sub 100 orders or even 1 offs at less of a cost but allowing me to do white, glitter etc images on dark cotton.

I do a great deal of sublimation printing now and normally use paint(dot)net for designing etc. I know for a plotter, the image will need to be a vector file so I'm not sure i can still use this program.

As I have 2 heat presses already I was thinking of adding a Vinyl Systems Specialist 14" Cutter Plotter? Is seemingly a good machine that should do what I want for HTV????

I'm not sure the weeding part will be what I'm looking forward to but it may be worth it for the cost.

What are your thoughts for this plotter and materials for HTV? The ability to do glitter and foil type HTV may be helpful for some orders I have had to turn down.

ANY help or thoughts would be appreciated!
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