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Adding Discharge agent to mixed waterbase ink? Is this possible

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Wondering if its possible to do this.

I mixed up a batch of 3245 C using the enviroline ink (RC) from Ryonet. Now the customer would like some dark shirts printed. Can I just take some of this premixed ink and add the discharge agent to it to make it discharge ink? I am wondering because I have quite a bit of this ink left over, and don't really want it to go to waste, instead of having to mix up a separate batch of discharge ink of the same color.

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It will not work without a discharge base. We use the Matsui pantone matching system which is about 14 pigments, a clear discharge base, and a discharge agent (powder). If we are printing on lights, we mix the base with pigments without the agent, and if we are printing on darks we mix the agent into the mix. I think that they make an inert base as well, but we just use the discharge base without agent if printing on lights.
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Thanks, that's what i thought. Oh well, I guess in the future I wont mix as much ink in the first place. I just seem to get better pantone matches when I mix a little more ink.

I didn't think of using the discharge base and my PC matching kit to print onto lights and then just being able to mix in some agent when needed for dark's.
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