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AccuRip now requires $145 transfer fee!

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I searched the forums all over before purchasing a used version of AccuRip for $360. This seems like a great deal but when you factor in the $145 license transfer fee it comes out to be more expensive than the program retails for new.


The previous owner must release it from their computer in order for it to be transferred to your computer. The program will still be in the name of the original purchasers name unless you register it and pay the fee, but yes it will work on your computer in their name.

IF, the original purchaser does not correctly release the software from their computer, you will be screwed. The software WILL NOT activate on two computers at the same time. I would recommend paying for any used software through PAYPAL so that you will have buyer protection.
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That seems to be an unusual step they have taken, cant think of any other software that does that
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