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Looking to by Barudan machine what accessories could you not live with out, software, hoop master, what size hoops, help
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I'm a believer in not buying accessories that won't be used unless you're doing embroidery as a hobby.

1. Basic editing software (a lot of people like Wilcom's Hatch) that can be upgraded.
2. Hoopmaster (its fairly accurate, you'll save time and designs will be straight) Also use for sleeves, knit caps, turtleneck shirts
3. Basic hoops that come with machine
4. Fast Frames - I embroider mostly shirts and hats so I don't need a lot of clamps and special hoops but FF can be great for occasional bags, hat backs and other items where a traditional hoop won't work. If you know you'll be embroidering lots of bags, heavy jackets etc then you can invest in other hoops/clamps but you might want to start with FF anyway to gain some experience and have a better idea what you really need and can afford.
5 .Thread rack - You'll need some type of organization for thread. I use poly thread and have racks in darker areas of the room
6. Hoop rack - I use a pegboard
7. Sissors, Trimmers (I like the .99 disposable ones)
8. Steamer (hangers) - I use a Jiffy steamer
9. Storage for organization - I got stackable containers from Staples
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I have the Hoopmaster hooping station, don't know how anyone could get by without it. I still use all the hoops that came with my Barudan, yes, they can leave hoop marks, but a shot of canned starch takes care of that.
Although as you get better at hooping, you'll get better at not having hoop marks. I did invest in one of the magnetic hoops just for the sole purpose of doing heavy jackets, but I love it for blankets, towels and bags. It was just so expensive that I never invested in buying all the different sizes. I, also use the Fast Frames for hard to hoop items and couldn't do without them. Good luck to you - you will love Barudan!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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