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Ok, my fluorescent vacuum exposure unit also uses a pair of 30" fluorescents for safe lights, however I cannot find a 30" T12 'safelight'

Currently they are just standard cool white bulbs and I am not using them for fears of issues.


I am looking at tube guards, but have some specific Q's that I can't seem to get straight answers on.

Far as I can tell, UV is cut at 400 Nanometers?

I see Clear UV Tube Guards - Effective to 395 Nanometers
I see Dark Amber UV Tube Guards - Effective to 525 Nanometers
Murikami sales guy says any 'yellow' tube guard will work

First, doesn't it need to block UV as well as filter a specific color range?
In which case, the standard yellow 'bug light' sleeves I'm seeing would not be effective, as they don't claim they block UV ?????
The yellow ones also don't list any nanometer range

I don't know enough about the specific UV Properties and Color Spectrum to make a confident decision on what to buy.

Any specific info from anyone? I know there are some very knowledgeable people here.

If it makes any difference, I mainly use Murikami BLU pure photopolymer, but want to be sure my safe lighting is safe with ANY emulsion.

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