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absolute novice wants to re-create an old beloved screened t-shirt

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My favorite t-shirt that was bought for me many years back is falling apart. How can I make a new one and were do i start in the process? I am an absolute novice..what is the first step? Make photo image and upload then fix the old beat up image?
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since you describe yourself as a novice...may I assume you are not currently a screen printer or such? If your shirt was screen printed, your choices are after you photo or recreate the image are to either pay someone to do it...and it will probably not be a viable option since one shirt of 2-3 colors will cost you somewhere around $75-85. It sounds like the second choice would be DTG around $15-18. if the image is a photo..hard to replicate...if you do not have a graphics program and experienced in using it...you will probably have to have someone recreate it
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