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Ok I was given a jpg file to work with and create some t-shirts for a church camp outing.

My problem is up till now I've created everything that' I've printed except for one design and that was a really simple design that I was able to work around and get it to separate.

I'm also just learning corel X3, I mean just learning as in days.
Believe it or not I was able to use Adobe Photoshop elements to do all my work before. :)
My problem is when I try to print the separations of this image I get mixed color separations. When I click on blue I get the whole design but in a light gray, when I click on black I get the whole design but in dark black and light gray. I have text to add to it but that will separate easily.

I have no idea on separating this type of image and what it takes. Learning corel from the beginning has taken most of my time and I'm not even to the point of learning the how to print separations.

Any suggestions, help or guidance? I've got about 6 days to print the shirts.

Thanks all, I couldn't have gotten this far in my printing without this place. :):):)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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