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about wholesale website -keep private or public

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I've seen websites, particularly for wholesalers, that you can only see the designs if you have an account with them, ie., you are a retailer and you have info that proves that.

I'm thinking of going that route since I only want the attention of retailers and nobody else really needs to see my designs. It's happened in the past where a lot of stuff I've done for a co. that I used to work for got copied/ripped off.

So if anyone else were to do the private/log-in with approval type website, what would you ask for on a web form to insure that whoever wanted to see your stuff was a legit retailer and not someone just wanting to see your latest, greatest design (like I said, happened before, too many times -and that's why I'm asking).
Resale permit, EIN#.....?
Thanks up front for any help
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bump....surely someone has a suggestion...?
I think you can increase your T-shirt by good local advertisement with some vinyl banners in your city and market. I have done this for my business and I am getting good result because people can know my business by this... :)
If you want to make sure you a dealing with a retail reseller, just have them fax or email a copy of their business licenses and state reseller license, that's what most of my wholesalers required before they would set me up with an account.

I used Magento to set up my website witch gives the options of setting up different customer groups. I can set up a separate customer group for resellers so that only they can see products, or pricing assigned to the resellers group
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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