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About to embark on a screen printing venture...

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Hello Everyone,
I'm about to start my own t-shirt printing company and after doing my research I've decided to go with screen printing.

The reason for my post is that I have never experienced with screen printing and once I get my equipment the learning experience begins. I guess I'm looking for a few pointers and what to expect once I start. Being a rookie at screenprinting, I'm gonna start with simple designs (1-2 colors), nothing to complicated at first. Can anyone give me an idea on how long its going to take me to get comfortable with the whole process?

Thanks in advance for your replies!!
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Can anyone give me an idea on how long its going to take me to get comfortable with the whole process?
Hard to say. It depends on how quick you learn, how much of a perfectionist you are, the complexity of what you're trying to print, how much reading you've done prior, and what help you have access to.

If you take a weekend printing course, you could be comfortable by the end of the weekend. Or it could take substantially longer (months of solitary toil and yet still something doesn't quite click).

There really are too many variables to say. But if you're still uncomfortable and struggling in a month's time, I'd recommend finding a short course (even if you have to travel).
hi stephan, there are a lot of sites to view silkscreen printing ideas and lessons, easier to observe but honestly, complex to do. there at least 2 departments you have to focus, one: the design making (graphics and color separation) and two: the silkcreen making preparations, the latter is complicated though that requires good background training esp. on the chemicals, the processing, and even considering time elements on exposure of films (graphic positives) to achieve perfect finish. 1 or 2 colors doesnt matter, the most important is the precision. Registration printing will solve multiple color printing. All these with yourself on a hands-on training will sharpen your direction in about.. say a month. Best wishes to your business.

what equipment will you be starting with?

what equipment will you be starting with?
I'm ordering from Silkscreeningsupplies.com. Gonna get the Econo package and upgrade to the Riley Hopkins 4 color 1 station press.
this setup may be ok for learning the ins and outs of screenprinting but you will unlikely be able to run a profitable business with that setup.

the good thing is, if you can register designs on that press, then moving up to a professional press will make your job a breeze.

if you can, save up for a good manual press like the M+R chameleon. in fact, if you can get one used or new now, then your learning curve may be a lot easier. they are solid presses and hold up very well after tons of use.
Don't buy equipment that you'll quickly outgrow if you really do this for a living.

Find a local printer whose work is impressive and see if you can hang out at their shop with them for a day or two and watch them work and ask questions. If they don't like the idea, offer to help out around the shop. I know I'd be willing to let a rookie hang out especially if they are willing to catch, sort, fold and box t-shirts!
Thanks alot for your replies! Alot of great info and things to take in consideration. I'm most likely gonna wait and save up more money to buy some better equipment.
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