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Hi all,

Well the time has come for me to take my first step to becomeing a T-Shirt creator.

The first piece of equipment I am going to buy is the printer, and I just want to make sure I have all of the details correct.

I am going to start this off as a hobby doing small runs of t-shirts, and i want to do ALL color tee's, including black.

From reading these forums I have decided to go for a Epson 1400 with re-usable cartridges and HT pigment ink.

I dont want CIS as I read that unless used frequently they have been know to clogg the print heads, is this correct?

If I do purchase the Epson 1400, would you say this is a pretty safe bet for the future (i know this is broad but what I mean is, am I going to need to replace it if and when I need to do a few more shirts, say 10 per day?) Also how big transfers can I print with the 1400, i believe its around A3?

As for paper, people on here seam to be pretty happy with jetpro Soft Stretch (JPSS). So i think I will try this out to start.

A friend has a heat press i can use, so no need to purchase my own just yet.

Also, i want to get a plotter that can contour cut in the future, but I dont have enough money to get one now, does this mean i will have to cut all the transfers by hand exactly on the lines, or does only the ink transfer (meaning i kind of just have to cut roughly around the whole image)

There sure is a lot more to getting an image into a piece of fabric than I had first thought :( but i am determined to get there! :D
Based on testing some of the forum members are doing the 1400 should work with the JPSS on white/light tee's. Not sure how good it will do on opaque (dark) transfers. I would be concerned about that.

Vinyl would cover you for darks shirts needing 1 to 2 colors. I don't have or use vinyl but others on the forum could explain more on that.

The 1400 should be able to handle 10 shirts per day no problem. I don't believe that is a concern.
I believe the sheet size on the 1400 is 13 x 19 but you can double check that at the Epson.com.
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