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1. When using illustration software to print graphics on Inkjet heat-transfer paper, how do you set up to print WHITE graphics. When printing on regular paper, white is handled by the absence of any other color. How does it work with this special paper which is white?
I just design and print without any thought to the white parts of my image, so I guess just do that and it will turn out fine...

2. When first experimenting with heat transfer, before commiting to pricey equipment, can one get satisfactory results using an ordinary home iron for plain text?
Id say that you "can" use an iron for just some test product, but I wouldnt attempt to sell the items that you use an iron on. You really need alot more heat and pressure than what a normal iron is gonna give you.

3. Is it true that screened graphics on tees are more durable than heat-transfer ones?
I believe so. But I could be wrong! Ive never done a duriblity test against the two styles.
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