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I'm not really sure why we're talking about the fonz, other than the fact that it was used as a way to calm the prior situation. In my time and age, the fonz was a teen buddy who helped them out in many ways. He was a hero to many young kids.
In his prime, the fonz was hot!
He was a sex symbol to many of his fans including myself. 40? oh, please don't go there I'm almost 40 and I''m still in my prime of life.:) To some 40 means over the hill, kicked the bucket and so on...
Let's see.. the fonz would be what 60 now?
Yep he did hang around the toilets "office" not sure as to why?
But he did what was right or tried like heck to. The fonz's image was a cool one.
His slicked back hair, the leather, jonie,potsie, chochi, laverne and shirley, arnold, the whole thing was and is happy days!
He had that quick so dig dude thing, I loved it!
The fonz is cool!
Maybe a little wrinkly now, but he hasn't lost his machoism.
Be Well!
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