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gday guys im trying to start a new t shirt company, anyway i have spoken to landingear in williamstown does anyone recommend their quality or should i look else where if so can anyone tell me decent printers in melb. The designs are in my head and i need an artist to draw them up would anyone know any good artists and how much i should pay, thanks all
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You should try and figure out what you would like to do personally. If you want to screen print, then get a book or DVD for instruction. If you want to design them, then you should work on your artistic skills. If you have good ideas, well... join the rest of us... The trick is putting your ideas into something tangible. If i were you, i would right down a list of goals specific to what you would like to achieve in the industry. Show us the list and maybe help will be more abundant.
thanks for your help i need an artist to get my ideas onto paper ive spoken to double c jeanery about my shirts and they are keen to buy from me.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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