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Greetings one and all.

I am a technical guy that dabbles in art for fun. I play Aussie rules football, and i am tired of our club getting fleeced for cool designed t-shirts. I joined up because as a club we decided to invest in making our own shirts for ourselves and for other smaller clubs. Profit is not our primary goal, affordable quality work is. (I'm sure you all could point us to a better printer, but there is a level of accomplishment achieved when you are not at the mercy of others)

From what I gathered so far, we are looking at a heat press machine. I saw one on craigslist that does hats and has a 16X20 bed... Like the idea but need to do more research.

I have access to HP and Okidata laser printers and would like to print out on those. Can you only transfer whats been printed or do you always have to trim. any recommendations for paper?

If the self transfers don't pan out i was leaning towards doing the designs and sending them to a shop to make Plastisol. Most of our shirts are 4-8 colors and I don't want to screen print so vinyl, laser/inkjet transfer, or plastisol are my best options and it seems that the transfer and plastisol are the cheapest out of the gate.

I look forward to learning a lot, the good thing is we have a little bit of time to get our stuff together, the bad news is I want to go go go!
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