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Hi everyone!

As I am a closet Luddite, tackling the entire task of T shirt printing is a challenge for me. I'm a birder and nature photographer, so I'm very interested in acquiring the great photos of birds and creating nice graphics from them (through Photoshop), but not so interested in the arcane mysteries of the digital world in general. So, consider me dragged kicking and screaming to this forum.

My wife owns a business that requires occasional T shirt production (for police agencies), and I am now in the business producing T shirts from my designs for the local Audubon Society. We have had an Epson 4880 set up for dye sublimation since 2010... it has done some nice work, and recently, I've taken over shirt production from my stepson. The printer has been serviced, but it is still a royal pain in the A**. I love the outcomes, but hate the machine...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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