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A Newbie's Clean Up Question

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I've recently graduated my t-shirt making from water-based inks to plastisol inks. I just completed my first order and was very pleased with the results. My problem is that I can't clean this ink from the screen. I have screen cleaner but it doesn't seem to be working. Any advice??
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Make sure you are using plastisol ink cleaner. Its not gonna completely come out but i know you can't use water. To fully clean it out use screen opener or if your gonna clean off the emulsion use a dehazer to get the ghost image off
Scrape as much ink off as possible

Get an old T-shirt and rub it on the screen, (I found paper towel to be useless)

Then spray with ink cleaner and keep rubbing. That should get enough off for an ink colour change (nearly all of it)

to completely clean the screen, I then take it to my washout booth and spray with ink cleaner and use a screen scrubbing brush. I do both sides, then rinse.

Store for the next print or reclaim.

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franmar chems .
ink degraders. enviro friendly.
If you have good ventilation ... mineral spirits... been using that for years... does a great job.
Thanks guys. I tried Franmar. It worked like a charm!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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