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A new venture

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Hi all :)

I stumbled upon T-shirt forums while researching about starting a t-shirt business. I am a balikbayan, spent just 2 years working in Paris, France. Decided to come home because although the place is spectacular and the money I was making there have been fantastic, alas, It wasn't my world and I was never truly happy.

As I slowly re-integrate myself here in Manila, I am scouting for business opportunities. T-shirt printing is one of the ideas that popped into my this pretty head of mine :D.

I know a little about silk screen printing but I feel there is a need for me to attend a seminar or workshop to get me started. But being a new venturer, a newbie I'd need all the help I could get. Would you help me out when I have questions? :)
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I am certain you will find a lot of good help on this site. It seems like every one here has a store you can visit.

Five Finger D
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