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A new hat brand from home, advice needed please

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Hi guys!

I have been searching this forum for the past couple of days and i have learnt sooo much! Thankyou.

I still have a few questions though so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am setting up my own hat brand based in the UK with designs aimed at different music scenes and music fans. I will also be selling t shirts for non-hat wearers who want to represent the brand.

My main question is has anybody got any experience with hats? I will be printing on Flex Fit hats and want to print full colour designs but i am still struggling with which printing methods to use and in turn which equipment to buy?

I have looked at plastisol and inkjet/laserjet transfers as they can provide full colour with the use of a hat press. Can anyone offer further thoughts, advice or comparisons for these methods??

Thanks so much in advance.

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