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Hello Fellow T-tailers,

As they say on sports' fields, "Little help here." I've just started a peace-themed t-shirt company, primarily designed for web site sales, although I have placed the shirts in three local shops in my town. The design is unique; the message one of hopefulness. The website is professional and interactive. I know my target audience.

So far, so good. I have the product, the message, the delivery system. What I don't have is a clue to how to go about filling that pipeline with the millions of right clicking fingers that makes web sales so phenomenal.

I have used Yahoo's SOE for the past week, and what I've found is that about 10% of the impressions turn into clicks. If I were getting a million(s) clicks that would be awesome. But I'm not.

I am totally open to advice, tutoring, lecturing, hectoring, anything that will trip my imagination to turn my endeavor into a success.

I eagerly await any help you give. Best regards. John
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