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A great take on intelectual property

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I know some of you guys watch TED. There was a great talk about Intellectual Property and why protecting it may not be such a sound business choice. How this applies to shirt decorating is a matter of interpretation. :)Margaret Gould Stewart: How YouTube thinks about copyright | Video on TED.com
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Interesting vid. But it certainly doesn't change my view of protecting IP for use on clothing brands. Clothing is a tangible object. If it's knocked off by someone else, whoever buys the knockoff doesn't need the original. So the clothing brand just lost a customer. But when Chris Brown's vid went viral, people still have to buy the song, album or tickets to a concert to see more. There's less risk of losing customers in that scenario. Also, there are differences between allowing copyright usage and allowing trademark usage. A trademark owner can forfeit ownership by not protecting their mark.
O.K. turn that around and consider what you could do for some other protected property by raising the awareness of something held close. :)
Oh, I agree that allowing something to go viral is a huge marketing push. If I have a vid of my brand, I would allow it. But for a clothing brand to allow others to decorate shirts with their IP would be a disaster.
Like Chevrolet? :)
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