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Hi everybody, I am a sorta newbie to the forum so I am not sure if the questions I have, have been asked and answered, but so far through my searches they haven't so bare with me.

1. Does anyone know if there is a finishing spray availible for use on tees, not a dazzle trans and not just a "high gloss" finish but more or less a protectant that would help keep the transfer from bleeding/fading if a less then surperior pigment ink, or a dye based ink were used, or a customer didn't not follow was instructions. Would Dazzle-Trans work for that? I have used a water decal clear finish spray, and have had mixed results with some of the transfers yellowing a bit after application.

2. Other then Epson, are there any other brands of printer that use pigment inks? I am currently using a Lemark X83 All-In-One printer. Are there any universal Bulk Ink Systems that work on any printer or a Lemark X83? What is the cheapest wide-format printer that uses or can be coverted to use pigment available?

3. I have recently read alot about the new supersoft (little/no hand) easily stretching papers (MiraCool, IronAll ect.) What is the best brand of the new paper, do they also have a dark fabric paper of this kind?

4. Does anyone have any experience using heat tape, for holding transfers in place before pressing? Is there a particular brand better than another?

5. I recently got a large order for shirts (280) that will be heat pressed, I have a 16x20 press that has not been used yet, I was told that a teflon padding should be used when the press will be under heavy use, but I am not 100% on what it is used for? And will I need it?

6. With my recent large order of shirts, my clients first went to a local screen printer who said he would charge them 850$ for 280 white shirts, 240 youth tees (sizes: sml-lrg) and 40 adult tees (sml-xl) with one line of black text on the front. I first thought I would hire out a screen printer either on-line or locally to do the work for me, and charge them a lower rate (about 700$) as I do not have a screen printer of my own and have just started reading up on the process. I soon found out that 850$ my clients were being charged was a great deal, as all of the screen printers I encountered wanted far more then 850$, leaving heat transfer my best option. My question is, are there any tips you fellow tranfers can give me on being able to charge my lower price and still get great quality finished product, while making a profit (cheapest youth tee prices, best wholesale paper, ect.)?

Thanks For Your Time
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