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6. With my recent large order of shirts, my clients first went to a local screen printer who said he would charge them 850$ for 280 white shirts, 240 youth tees (sizes: sml-lrg) and 40 adult tees (sml-xl) with one line of black text on the front. I first thought I would hire out a screen printer either on-line or locally to do the work for me, and charge them a lower rate (about 700$) as I do not have a screen printer of my own and have just started reading up on the process. I soon found out that 850$ my clients were being charged was a great deal, as all of the screen printers I encountered wanted far more then 850$, leaving heat transfer my best option.
Hi First,

I had potential customers tell me lots of times that "someone else" said they would charge them $X amount of dollars. If it's more than i am able to offer I tell them "I think they should go with the other guy". I value my work and I don't wish to give it away trying to "undercut" someone that is doing a job already dirt cheap.

But simply put you need to make sure they are not "just elling you that" or "it's a real fact". You'll find people willw aste your time so you need to set some "standard in the beginning" how you will handle people that want you to "charge less" than what you normally charge.

You already asked around and find that everyone else is far more so that should give you an idea the prices is too low.

I would plan ahead for other cases like this as they will come;

- ask them to provide you with a "written quote" from the other company and you will see what you can do about matching it.

- if they don't do that you may want to ask the name of the company and ask for your own quote from the company. This may be a bit unethical in some eyes but you sometimes have to "investigate" the competition.

I know each area is different but it seems like $3.03 per shirt for only 280 shirts is a bit low.
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