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I am thinking of buying a vinyl plotter and a heat press machine, but i don't even know where to start. The use of the machine will be to make t-shirts for a clothing company of mine that is still up-and-coming. I'm looking to do a run of about 20-50 shirts a month.

What are some good brands for heat presses and vinyl cutters that are good for beginners and that aren't way too pricey?

Also, I saw this vinyl machine on EBAY, called the Master Vinyl Cutter that is 24 inches for a BUY IT NOW price of $575.00 including shipping; brand new, never used. Is it Worth it?

What specs should I be looking at when buying a heat press or vinyl machine?

Also, I've been reading up a few posts on this forum and from what I understand, I have to use THERMOPLEX VINYL if I want to transfer my design onto a shirt. Is this true? Or can I use any type of vinyl sheets? What are some good sheets for production of t-shirts??

Also, I have multi-colored designs, how do i go about that??

And I have designed all my designs on Illustrator and some on Photoshop. Are there any programs that would turn my designs into OUTLINES easily so I can just print them??

Anymore advice, I would like to know. Thank you.
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